Welcome to META!

META is the chapter hall shared between the Computer Science and Media Technology chapters at KTH. This website is run by the International Committee, which is also a collaboration between the two chapters.

Please read the FAQ! You will find out tons of useful stuff about how everything works here :)

Introduction and META

If you are studying Computer Science or Media Technology at KTH then you are probably a member of either the Computer Science or Media Technology Chapter, respectively. The Chapter is the main organisation for social life and activities for students grouped by program of study. The heart of our Chapters is our Chapter Hall called META, which is shared between the larger CS Chapter and the smaller Media Chapter. META is open all the time, though you might need your KTH keycard to get in. During the day, students often sit there to study, eat lunch, or just hang out. Weekday afternoons at META are filled with informal events, while the weekend might have parties or other things.

Where can I find META?

It is located next to the library at Osquars Backe 21.

Where to start?

Two good ways to start is to either go to an event or to join a club/committee (nämnd). The usual weekly chapter events don't require any signups, so just show up to one that seems interesting and start talking to someone there. Joining a group is usually done by contacting the club representative.

How to find events and clubs

Weekly events, open to students from both chapters, include:

  • Tuesday: board game nights with Qulturnämnden & DESC

  • Wednesday: Pub with the Computer Science Chapter

  • Thursday: Pub with the Media Chapter

Some events and clubs might differ between the CS and Media chapters:

All of the CS chapter’s news and events can be found on datasektionen.se/en/news or the CS chapter Discord server and all the clubs are listed on datasektionen.se/en/clubs.

For the media chapter, check their website at medieteknik.com.

CS Chapter:
Upcoming Events & Info

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Join our Whatsapp Group!

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CS-Chapter’s Discord


lots of space to chat, including course channels and announcements to the chapter / chapter-events.

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